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Supplier Category: BID Services
Supplier Regions: Nationwide
Website: https://www.loyalfree.co.uk/
BID Endorsement: Yes

LoyalFree is a multi-award winning place app which promotes: Offers, Loyalty Schemes, Tourism Information, Events and Interactive Trails for your area. LoyalFree is the only app your BID needs to increase footfall, gather accurate data and satisfy the local businesses. 

LoyalFree currently work with 11 BIDs around the UK and over 1,000 businesses; both independents and multi nationals. 

Contact us on hello@loyalfree.co.uk to find out more and see how we can help you introduce a successful place app. 

Lisa Brown, Loughborough BID Manager says “We have seen a dramatic increase of 14.15% in footfall at our farmers market thanks to LoyalFree…The businesses and customers both love it…it has been more successful than we ever imagined!”