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LoLo Rewards UK Limited

LoLo Rewards UK Limited

Supplier Category: BIDs
Supplier Regions: Nationwide
Website: www.mylolo.com
BID Endorsement: Yes

LoLo (Local Loyalty) is a first of its kind, second generation, enterprise level Loyalty Platform operating via a cloud based smartphone app and website. 

LoLo supports all local businesses in a manner that generates a positive outcome for business. 

LoLo drives footfall to the business and provides the businesses with a tangible way to fight back against the impact of large international online retail and food ordering platforms.

As a UK owned and operated business, LoLo aims to support all brick and mortar local businesses and local people. 

Together the outcome is the creation of vibrant local communities. LoLo specifically supports businesses who employ local people and pay local taxes. The future of our local communities is dependent on local people supporting local businesses.

LoLo app users receive Loyalty Tokens for free as soon as they download the app. The tokens help track local spending and keep a record of the shopping basket. The tokens also act as a discount/reward for supporting the local business community.