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Go Loyal

Go Loyal

Supplier Category: BIDs
Supplier Regions: Nationwide
Website: https://www.goloyal.eu/
BID Endorsement: Yes

Goloyal is a pioneering APP company, digitising the high street and retail arenas with  their concept Cityplay.

An app with a purpose: The Cityplay app combines city functionality, (navigation, event news, store information etc) with rewarding. The rewards concept is easy, complete a challenge and get a reward, but made a lot more fun with the unique and innovative shopping and gamification experience - the "Play" in Cityplay!

Cityplay can also be connected to shoppers payment cards so no scanning of a QR code is required. Easy and seamless for the customer and for the store! By using this method, you will be able to see consumption data down to the penny for each consumer profile and the total spend within the program.

By combining needs with fun, Goloyal want to create value for local residents and shoppers and get them to go from being anonymous consumers to identified customers.  CityPlay rewards behaviour that benefits the city, the members and the local stores. Their mission is to create value for all stakeholders - customers, merchants and centres. For retailers, they create traffic, sales and consumer data. For members, they enhance the shopping experience and produce rewards - tons of rewards! For BIDs, they create recurring traffic, behaviour data on site and more spending and dwell time. Get to know the visitors for real and communicate in a relevant way. They add digital intelligence to the physical retail space.

Gololyal is currently working with multiple cities in Sweden and has established a countrywide city network.