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Cyc-Lok Ltd

Cyc-Lok Ltd

Supplier Category: BIDs
Supplier Regions: Nationwide
Website: https://www.cyc-lok.ie
BID Endorsement: Yes

Cyc-Lok is a SMART secure bicycle locker system, being the first of its kind on the Irish & UK markets to offer consumers a fully automated, individual locker access-controlled storage facility that allows for ZERO theft/vandalism.  All lockers are alarmed, monitored, bookable and payable via our app available 24/7.  For the site owner there is a backend dashboard for locker management.

Cyc-Lok has established itself as an industry leading player having created a cost effective, secure outdoor automated locker management system that addresses the rising demands of cyclists, businesses & communities on a global basis.

Cyc-Lok’s are designed to encourage and enable cyclists to use their existing bicycles more frequently (by providing additional security and therefore peace of mind). The units also provide an e-Bike user with a power point in which they can recharge the bicycles battery. The Company’s market surveys have shown that the user of a Cyc-Lok bicycle locker will use our product for recreational or short commutes instead of a conventional bicycle rack or outdoor installation.

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