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Check Your Drink (CYD & CYD Ltd)

Check Your Drink (CYD & CYD Ltd)

Supplier Regions: UK
Website: checkyourdrink.co.uk

Drink spiking is on the rise and it can happen anywhere. It can happen in exclusive venues, your friendly local pub, universities and clubs, sadly nowhere is completely safe from this invasive atrocity.

Drink spiking has reached “epidemic” levels in the UK, a Homes Select Committee was recently told that 15% of women and 7% of men have been spiked. Sadly, these figures continue to rise and without further legislation for the safety of guests to hospitality venues, it’s down to us to work with the industry to stamp out spiking.

In the past, some venues haven’t wanted to tackle the problem head on in fear of it reflecting badly on their business, but now we know it can happen anywhere to anyone, now it’s time to be open, honest and most importantly do something to improve the safety of people enjoy nights out.

Many incidents never get reported to the police and according to a House of Commons Committee “The level of prosecutions for spiking offences is very low, a key factor being absence of evidence in many incidents”. Our tests can solve this problem by testing the drink or even vomit to identify the existence of spiking. This can lead to prosecutions and taking these dangerous people off the streets. It’s also excellent for any venue to show that they take spiking very seriously and that they are a safe place to visit.

We have the answer for a safer nightlife in your area.

For enquiries, please contact:
Gareth Dore - 07545 339205 - Gareth@sipsavvy.co.uk