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Bakehouse Factory Ltd

Bakehouse Factory Ltd

Supplier Category: Events
Supplier Regions: UK & Nationwide
Website: bakehousefactory.co.uk

Bakehouse Factory is a multi-award-winning theatrical production company specialising in delivering immersive and interactive encounters in public spaces.

Over the last decade we have created highly inventive and imaginative events that are predominantly free of charge for audiences.

From concept, casting, scripting and rehearsal, to costume design and set production, installation, project and event management we deliver the full journey of public space theatre/installation production from ‘under one roof’. 

Adept in delivery of large-scale Town Centre takeovers for Christmas Lights or Halloween parades to jaw-dropping placemaking installations, Bakehouse has capacity to respond to a broad range of briefs from BIDs.

Our shows in town centres, retail environments and public spaces can attract tens of thousands of visitors, we work with over 400 freelance artists from all over the UK, produce hundreds of events, reaching an audience of millions.