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National BID Criteria 2018

Published by British BIDs. We are pleased to present the annual National BID Criteria for renewing and developing BIDs, produced by BIDs, Local Authorities and national levy payers.

The most recent National BID Survey suggested the emergence of differing sorts of BIDs, both regionally and by type. As BIDs become more differentiated, some are moving from the original retail driven ‘crime and grime’ models to more strategic inward investment bodies. Even the smaller BIDs are becoming key players in their local business communities, mediating between Local Authorities, national businesses and the independent operators. At the same time BIDs are becoming more responsive to their professional levy payers, such as legal and financial services, estate agents, web designers and internet companies, who are becoming increasingly important players in town and city centres. And of course, there is always the occasional BID failure at either the development or ballot stage. We hope that you find these guidelines helpful.