Summer Management and Operations Forum 16th September 2019

Join us for our free to BIDs Summer Management and Operations Forum at City Hall, London

On Monday 16th September 2019 at City Hall, London, we will be teaming up with the GLA for a Management and Operations Forum.     

This Summer Forum will be an opportunity to hear about the work the GLA is undertaking to protect and grow cultural infrastructure and the role data mapping plays in this process. There will also be a discussion around the night time economy and the role of BIDs, including the implications of late night levies, MHCLG will talk about the challenges and opportunities for High Streets and the part that BIDs play in this. Retail Analyst Andrew Busby, contributor to 'Forbes' and 'Retail Week' and  the founder of Retail Reflections will also debate the ‘Death of the High Street’. We hope that you can join us for this event which will be sure to stir debate and discussion and also provide time to catch up and network with colleagues.

This event is free with limited numbers. The event will operate on a first come, first served basis. Event registration will open at 2pm and the Forum will finish for 6pm.

We very much hope that you are able to join us.

To book your place please contact Drew on 0845 112 0118 or email

Speakers and topics include;

Kirsten Dunne

Senior Manager, Cultural Infrastructure and Public Realm Culture and the Creative Industries

Greater London Authority

Protecting and Growing Cultural Infrastructure – How data and mapping can play a role.

London is losing premises where culture is watched, taken part in and made at a rapid rate.  The many challenges that are faced require a number of interventions, from funding, to new policy and new tools. The Mayor’s new Cultural Infrastructure Map is one of these. This session will give a demonstration of the map and other tools that the GLA is launching. 

Amy Lame, Night Czar, Office of the Mayor of London

The night time economy and the role of BIDs.

Read her bio here

Michelle Warbis Senior Policy Advisor on Regeneration Investment, MHCLG

How MHCLG is tackling challenges and opportunities for the High Street and the role of BIDs within this.

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Andrew Busby, Founder and CEO, Retail Reflections

The death of the high street is becoming somewhat of a hackneyed phrase however what is true is that the high street as we have known it for decades is changing. There are many reasons for this and in his talk, Andrew will reveal why high streets are having to change, what's behind this and what the future might hold for all of us. Darwinism on the high street has never been more appropriate, however, far from painting a picture of a dystopian future, Andrew sees a bright and exciting future, if only the right steps are taken now.

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