The Fitzrovia Partnership - Head of Place & Sustainability

Location: Fitzrovia, London
Job Type: Permanent, full time

The Fitzrovia Partnership - Head of Place & Sustainability

Purpose of role: 

  • Driving improvement in the management of the public realm
  • Identifying, leveraging and delivering development and enhancement to public space
  • Leading the delivery of the Fitzrovia Partnership sustainability projects
  • Developing and maintaining the Fitzrovia Partnership resilience and preparedness plan together with its business continuity programme
  • Develop and deliver the member savings programme

Reporting to:

Lee Lyons, Chief Operating Officer 

Key responsibilities

  • Delivery of public realm, transport and sustainability projects against pre-agreed KPIs, budgets and targets
  • Working in partnership to help improve the performance of LB Camden and its service partners in the delivery of Place Management services
  • Maintaining effective relationships with stakeholders at all levels and ensuring successes are widely promoted and understood by business members
  • Working with partners to identify additional funding opportunities
  • Keep under review the wider external environment (both national and city-region level) affecting Place Management services, identifying information to be communicated to members
  • Represent The Fitzrovia Partnership on relevant infrastructure & transport, public realm and public safety & security related project groups & Boards and influencing where required
  • Link role for major Place Management related projects taking place in the Fitzrovia area (working with COO and Executive Director)
  • Help ensure that the borough’s Place Management projects are managed in a programmed and co-ordinate way
  • Working with the wider Partnership team to keep members and partners informed of performance and challenges with regard to the delivery of the place management services
  • Manage, task and motivate the day-to-day activity of direct reports to ensure objectives are met, all duties are carried out effectively and issues are handled in line with The Fitzrovia Partnerships procedures
  • Build relationships with suppliers and partners by meeting regularly
  • Host monthly KPI meetings with suppliers and partners to ensure service delivery is optimal
  • Facilitate any tender process for new suppliers or partners
  • Monitor contractual agreements with suppliers and partners
  • Deliver monthly savings & sustainability reports
  • Undertake any other activity, which is commensurate with the role of Head of Place Management.

Please send CV and covering letter over to Lee Lyons