MyMiltonKeynes BID - Chief Executive Officer

Location: Central Milton Keynes
Job Type: Full Time
Salary: £70,000+ DOE
Application Deadline: 28th February 2023


There are some 330 BIDs in the UK, the majority in towns and cities in England. BIDs are created through a ballot which, if successful, all liable businesses in the BID area pay a small annual levy which is spent by the BID Company. MyMiltonKeynes is one of the largest BIDs outside central London with an annual budget of circa £1 million a year. The collected levy is spent on improvement projects for the central Milton Keynes area described as Safe City, Mobile City, Intelligent, Amazing City and Sparkling City.

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Job Purpose

The CEO is responsible for setting the strategic vision of MyMiltonKeynes and directing the work-streams of the BID to ensure that the strategy is achieved. Together the Board and CEO will establish projects groups to ensure that the BID projects are relevant to the circa 430 businesses that pay the levy and that they deliver demonstrable value that is most likely to translate into a further BID term from 2027. The CEO is responsible for setting the strategic vision of MyMiltonKeynes and directing the work-streams of the BID to ensure that the strategy is achieved.

Job Description

Hours: 37.5 hours per week, Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm. Flexibility for occasional weekend and evening work will be required.
Term: Permanent
Reporting to: The Chairman of the Board taking day-to-day management responsibility.
Annual Leave: 25 days annual leave entitlement, plus Bank Holidays.
Start date: No later than 1st June 2023.

The Chief Executive will represent the BID to circa 430 levy payers and to the voluntary members of MyMiltonKeynes. Often, they will be the voice of this business community. Using the strength of the BID, they will ensure that Central Milton Keynes continues to be a dynamic, vibrant, safe and clean environment to do business.

The BID aims to unite its businesses behind initiatives aimed at making positive change via additional investment in the Central Milton Keynes area. The BID needs to ensure that Central Milton Keynes continues as an attractive, viable and sustainable economic area - a safe, vibrant and exciting place to work, live and visit. The CEO will oversee the operation and outputs of the BID and will be a key partner with responsibility for the reputational value of Milton Keynes, and as the figurehead of the BID. Continued reference should be made to the BID business plan and budget (subject to such variations, as approved by the Board.

Key Responsibilities


  • Lead the MyMiltonKeynes BID as a high-profile credible figurehead representing all sectors of our stakeholder community (media and other communications work essential).
  • Delegate project delivery to the BID team to work in conjunction with the project group chairs to ensure projects meet the needs of the sectors that represent BID businesses.
  • Manage, motivate, and support the staff team to ensure efficient and effective delivery of the business plan.
  • It is intended that the CEO shall be a Director of MyMiltonKeynes, requiring adherence to usual corporate responsibilities.
  • Work as part of the Board to foster effective teamwork between the CEO and the Directors and between the CEO and the staff team.
  • Represent the BID at external stakeholder events to enhance the aims of the organisation.
  • Actively participate in city projects that are relevant to the aims and values of the BID.

Human Resources Planning and Management:

  • Working with the Office Manager, HR Consultant and the Finance and Governance Advisory Group to oversee the implementation of the human resources policies procedures and practices and develop (and then maintain) appropriate job descriptions for all staff.
  • Oversee a positive, healthy, and safe working environment in accordance with all appropriate legislation and regulations.
  • Be responsible for identifying training and development needs of the team and yourself and develop appropriate training and development plans for the team and yourself.
  • Ensure that the senior team undergo British BIDs formal training.


  • To deliver the objectives and projects as described within the BID Business Plan (subject to variance provisions).
  • With the Chairman ensure the Board’s focus is on delivery of the Business Plan objectives as well as long range strategic issues that will ensure that the organisation continues to meet the needs of its levy paying businesses and members.
  • Work closely with Board members to understand the needs of their individual sectors, that BID projects are meeting those needs and support those Board members communicating back with their business sectors.
  • To set up appropriate task and finish groups, as required, with key levy payers, where appropriate to work on areas of business such as:
    - Finance and Governance
    - Operations
    - Marketing and Communications
    - Evening Economy (Purple Flag)
    - Partners in Crime (Bar watch)
  • Ensure the BID maximises the benefits brought by a diverse and representative Board.
  • Take a pro-active role in identifying potential new Board members.
  • To maintain British BID accreditation mark.
  • Develop a risk register and report to the Board on a regular basis any issues that place the business at financial or operational risk, together with suitable remedies.
  • Ensure that the Council and the BID adhere to the requirements of the Operating Agreement, particularly in respect of levy collection.

Finance and Funding:

  • Work with the Office Manager (responsible for setting and monitoring of budget) to monitor budget performance for presentation to the Board.
  • Quarterly monitoring and re-forecasting of the annual budget.
  • Work with the Office Manager to represent the financial status of the organisation to the auditors.
  • Coordinate budget setting with direct reports.
  • Continue to identify additional non levy income to support additional activity.
  • Anticipate changes in business funding that may affect the BID levy and develop alternative funding streams to mitigate these changes.
  • Working with the Office Manager ensure the financial systems of the BID are managed in an appropriate manner and the tax affairs of the business are well managed.
  • Undertake, monitor, and authorise the bank payments system.

Key Relationships:

The CEO will be expected to maintain positive working relationships with other organisations in the City, particularly those that can assist MyMiltonKeynes in meeting its business aims:

  • Identify key personnel in levy paying membership and forge strong relationships.
  • Board members and the organisations/sectors they represent.
  • Press and Media in the Milton Keynes region.
  • External stakeholders: Business Leaders, Business Council, Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Small Businesses, Town Council, Invest MK, SEMLEP, Homeless Partnership, Thames Valley Police.
  • Milton Keynes Council
  • Community groups relevant to the work of the BID
  • The candidate must be apolitical in all activities relating to the BID and cannot hold political office of any type or engage in any political activity.

Person Specification

MyMiltonKeynes is committed to providing the best possible service to business and their employees, as well as visitors to Central Milton Keynes. To achieve this, we aim to ensure that the CEO has the standard of skills, knowledge and experience listed in the Person Specification.

The CEO of MyMiltonKeynes will:

  • Educated to degree level or able to demonstrate a work experience and knowledge commensurate with the skills identified in the job description.
  • Ideally hold a suitable management or industry qualification
  • Have strong leadership, marketing, and communication (including media buying and digital media above and below the line) skills
  • Have strong presentational skills
  • Have good working knowledge of the factors that affect the economic vibrancy of a city centre
  • Be able to demonstrate practical experience of the visitor economy (e.g., shopping centre, large retailer, other BID, tourism, or property development background etc.)
  • Appreciate how membership-type organisations operate successfully.
  • Have experience of working with multiple stakeholders (ideally from both the private and the public sector)
  • Can empower a team and delegate responsibility accordingly.
  • Have proven strategic leadership skills, including developing new ideas and different ways of working
  • Have project management experience at all levels.
  • Ideally, have place management and/or place marketing skills
  • Be IT literate

All applications will need to be addressed to and marked ‘Private & Confidential’.

Please note that the application deadline is Tuesday 28th February 2023.