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Feedback from the BID community is really important to us which is why we are delighted to announce a number of new plans for 2017 ranging from present-day research to wide-ranging and improved opportunities for BIDs. Please scroll down to read more about these. We will be providing more announcements shortly.


The Nationwide BID Survey

Following the warm reception for the 2016 project authored for British BIDs by Professor Christopher Turner, work will start on next year’s study from May onwards with publication in November. A separate study, analysing trends from the first 10 years of the Survey, will also be explored.

Download the 2016 Survey





Ballot Research

A long-awaited study of all ballot results across the UK since the first ballot in Kingston in December 2004. Amongst other aspects, this will look at turnout trends, regional variations, engagement in ballots by sector, ballot processes, voter feedback and challenges to declarations.

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Industry Accreditation

Responding to demand from subscribers, the certification process will be fully accessible on-line and smaller BIDs with levy incomes of less than £150,000 per annum will be offered a bursary to reduce costs by 50% for subscribers. It will continue to be independently audited and also made available to developing BIDs as part of their establishment process.




With eight new Certificate in BID Management Graduates in 2016, the first course in 2017 is already fully subscribed. To fulfil industry demand, two courses will be run in the year, with enrolment opening for the second in early 2017. Please speak to Ben or more information on this qualification and the schedule. Take a look at this year’s graduation photos here.




Industrial BIDs

With over 20 such BIDs responding to The Nationwide BID Survey, this has helped to highlight an important sector within which there has been limited research to date as to their unique place management and place shaping roles. Initially through a case study approach, this research will lead to an enhanced presence within The 2017 Nationwide BID Survey.






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