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British BIDs produces criteria & guidance for those places developing a BID or renewing BID proposals.

With over 260 BIDs at the start of 2017, and more to be developed and renewed during the year, there has never been a more important time to refresh our annual BID Industry Criteria & Guidance to those bringing forward BID Proposals.

There is now over 10 years’ experience of BID ballots, in which time the industry has evolved and matured. Most business occupiers are prepared to consider well researched and fully justified BID Proposals within the majority of locations, but support at ballot cannot be automatically relied upon.

This new version of the BID Industry Criteria & Guidance replaces previous editions and makes it easier again for those developing business plans to understand the minimum expectation of us, your voters. Click here to view the guidelines.

Edward Cooke, Chief Executive of retail property body Revo, said: “We are pleased to partner with British BIDS on this critical update of Criteria & Guidance. The report is timely, coming just as the Local Government Finance Bill has been introduced and which provides the foundation for property owner BIDs – which we have long advocated on the basis that they promise to help transform towns and cities where multiple ownership is an obstacle to the successful evolution of places.”

Ian Fletcher, Director of Policy, British Property Federation commented: “With the growing impetus on local agendas being driven by local stakeholder groups, we welcome British BIDs’ annual update to its Industry Criteria & Guidance report. We advocate public-private sector partnerships and a BID is an effective means of bringing the local business community together to foster stronger relationships with a Local Authority, which as a result can unlock meaningful initiatives in town and city centres to improve the quality of people’s everyday lives.”

In order to consider supporting Proposals, both we and our members expect to see those minimum expectations met and the BID Regulations fully adhered to. If this is not the case, irrespective of the location and/or the demand, our support at ballot cannot be guaranteed.

Most importantly, however, these latest Criteria & Guidelines are designed to help and support the industry and to make it easier for those developing Proposals. Therefore, we have designed them in an even easier-to-read format, including a simple checklist of the most important points to remember.

This year’s contributors include retailers, shopping centres, banks and convenience stores, encompassing most of the levy payers in the majority of the BIDs.

We hope that you find these guidelines helpful.


Get the most out of the revised Industry Criteria & Guidance

‘Developing and renewing a BID’ training courses in 2017

What is the course?
This course is designed around the revised BID Industry Criteria and Guidance and explains step by step what you must do, by when you need to do it, and how to maximise your chances of a successful ballot outcome.

Why you should attend the course?

The course will provide you with lots of useful tips and advice on:

  • A step-by-step guide and timeline to plan and execute a successful ballot, be it for a first term or a renewal.
  • Insight on engaging with Head Office voters.
  • Technical advice and support on all of the legal milestones in the ballot process.



For details on how we can help ensure that your BID fits the criteria, please contact us here.

Industry Criteria & Guidance for BIDs 2017



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