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Course Graduates

Congratulations to the latest graduates who have been awarded the Certificate in BID Management.

Class of 2016

Steve Sawyer, Manor Royal BID (Merit)
Matthew John, HammersmithLondon (Merit)
Nic Durston, Southbank BID (Pass)
Nicola Grant, Putney Town Centre (Pass)
Alicia Mosquito, Westside BID (Pass)
Will Dyson, WeAreWaterloo (Pass)
Chris Travers, Orpington 1st (Pass)
Rupert Basham, HammersmithLondon (Pass)

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Class of 2015

Jo Hawkins – Destination Bristol
Ross Feeney – Successful Sutton
Andrew Mitchell – Alloa BID
Tammy Sleet – Wimborne

Class of 2014

Left to right: Dr Julie Grail (Bb), Ben Collins (Ilford BID), Rebecca Handley (Kingstonfirst), Lee Walker (Ipswich Central), Katie Lindsey (Baker Street Quarter), Andrew Cooper (Bath BID),  Maris Puks (Waterloo Quarter), Alison Shaw (BID Leamington), Josyanne Thatcher (Cornwall Council), Terry Wilden (University of Westminster), Alison Dewey (Southend BID), Paul Clement (Bb)


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Class of 2013  

Left to right: Sarah Telles (Bb), Dr Julie Grail (Bb), Julie Thorneycroft (Northampton BID), Hasanul Hoque (Camden Town Unlimited), Frances Forrest (Vauxhall One), Ann Hunter (Ealing Broadway BID), Russell Downing (Newbury BID), Cherry Shine (Wolverhampton Council), Robin Hibbert (New West End Company), Tim Edmundson (University of Westminster), Catherine Turness (Winchester BID), Paul Clement (Bb), Greg Clark (Bb)


Academy Research Archive

Research reports from candidates with a mark of merit and above can be downloaded here:

Class of 2014
Andrew Cooper: How does a BID create an identity that is separate and distinct from the Local Authority? Andrew Cooper 2014 Merit

Rebecca Handley: Utilisation of the Right to Challenge Process: Impact on Business Improvement Districts Rebecca Handley 2014 Merit

Maris Puks: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Business Improvement Districts: Practice manual for BIDs developing, implementing and using meaningful KPIs Maris Puks 2014 Merit

Class of 2013
Julie Thorneycroft: Investigation to find the key ingredients leading to a successful Town Centre cultural quarter? Julie Thorneycroft 2013 Merit

Catherine Turness: How are Business Improvement Districts perceived by residents? Catherine Turness 2013 Merit

Frances Forrest: The Benefits of Joint Purchasing by a Business Improvement District Frances Forrest 2013 Merit

Hasanul Hoque: Analysis of the effects of a 5 year Business Improvement District period has on the strategy and projects it can use to improve an area Hasanul Hoque 2013 Merit

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