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As the BID industry grows and matures, businesses are increasingly looking at reassurance in terms of governance, quality of delivery, performance management and return on investment. Achieving Accreditation provides reassurance that the BID is a well-run organisation that businesses should have confidence in. Accreditation helps you through the process of putting the right structures into your BID.

The badge of Accreditation matters to Head Office Voters. The Industry Criteria and Guidance recommends that BIDs should be independently audited at least once every BID term.


“Adherence to the tenets of the Industry Criteria and Guidance provide the best route to a yes vote from the larger companies.”

John Fletcher, Nationwide Real Estate Manager

“At their best BIDs can be genuine drivers of change and catalysts for renewal, growth and jobs, however the consistency of their delivery is mixed. The government is keen to empower BIDs further, however any development towards additional powers needs to be accompanied by greater transparency and accountability for those that pay.

“The Industry Criteria and Guidance is a resource BIDs have challenged the business community to develop, providing a tool kit to reassure stakeholders that effective governance and structure is in place to deliver effective, accountable local partnerships which businesses can support and engage with in confidence.”

Andy Godfrey, Senior Public Policy Manager, Boots

What do Accredited BIDs say?

Receiving the accreditation from British BIDs is a positive endorsement and helps Norwich BID to evidence the quality of work and management being delivered in our city centre. The application process enabled our team to effectively review our processes and procedures and ensure we meet the highest quality in our provision for the BID business community.”

Caroline Bidewell, Office and Engagement Executive, Norwich BID

“Bb Accreditation gives emphasis to the credibility of Heart of London Business Alliance.  It is a mark of the robust and transparent governance that underpins our organisation providing assurance to our members and stakeholders.”

Sarah Porter, Chief Executive, Heart of London Business Alliance

“The Accreditation process is an important part of stopping and reviewing the BID’s objectives and systems.  It involved all the BID team.  The external evaluation challenges the systems and processes that are in place to ensure they are robust and transparent.  Like any profession, having an accreditation process improves standards and reassures customers”

Andrew Cooper, Former Chief Executive, Bath Business Improvement District

“Having the British BIDs Accreditation helped us to secure support and votes at our renewal ballot without question. It reassures businesses that we have good systems in place and I would absolutely recommend Accreditation to other BIDs.”

Michelle Crowhurst, Town Centre Coordinator, Ilford BID

“Gaining Accreditation has given us the confidence we are meeting the industry standard for management of our BID. By preparing for this quality mark we went through a useful process in identifying all our key documents and processes and ensuring that everything was up to date and relevant.”

Helen Clark Bell, BID Manager, Love Wimbledon

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