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Online Accreditation now available

Accreditation is the must-have recognition that any well-managed BID should desire. Suitable for newly developed and operating BIDs, it provides evidence of quality management and return on investment through service delivery. It is the industry recognised standard assessed by independent auditors in line with the Industry Criteria.

Take a look at what is assessed…

Evaluates the selection process and effectiveness of the board, directors and members of the BID.

Management and Operations
Evaluates the staffing structure, contracts, and appraisals. This theme also covers insurance policies and data protection.

Evaluates the BID financial systems, ensuring professional and transparent procedures.

Performance Management
Evaluates the methods used by the BID to review performance and ensuring the views of levy payers are fed back in to reflect the changing needs of the area.

Communication and Reporting
Evaluates the BID’s communications activity, focussing on how processes and activities are reported to levy payers and how return on investment for levy payers is assessed.

BIDs that have been through the accreditation process are listed here.

What is the process?

All received accreditation forms are independently audited by an external auditor. The process is extremely straightforward and comes in five stages;

Application Form | Self-Assessment | Pre-Audit Assessment | Audit | Board

If you are submitting online it is the same process declaring these evidence files.

Using the online accreditation process?

We recommend you store your evidence files in a shared Dropbox/Google Drive platform to make it easier for the auditor to locate your evidence. Please include the shared evidence link on you word document attachment.

Accreditation lasts for three years, full re-application is required thereafter.

Why should I get Accredited?

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How do I organise getting my BID Accredited?

If you would like to receive more information regarding the Accreditation process, please email

The cost of accreditation is dependent on your BID levy income. Bb members receive a 25% discount.


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