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The 9th European BID conference took place in Berlin earlier this month and we were invited to represent the UK BID industry and presented in the masterclass talks on day 2. We were able to visit a proposed new BID in Berlin and attend the German BIDs award ceremony; ironically and splendidly the overall winner was Aberdeen BID for a joint art project with Stavangar. There were interesting presentations from IDA and Vancouver BIA, as well as Albania; and some excellent breakout sessions on events, security and safety, amongst others. There is clearly much to learn from BIDs across the world and it was good to be able to place German BIDs alongside the New York ones I saw in January and feed this knowledge back to the current Certificate in BID Management candidates. BIDs from Aberdeen, Newcastle, Leeds and London were also there, both giving and taking ideas.


We are pleased that BIDs across the United Kingdom continue to be part of the Bb membership community, and this month we welcome the following new members:

Kings Lynn BID
Hinckley BID
Milton Keynes City Centre Management
Watford BID
Cambridge BID
Putney Manor
Royal BID
Hastings BID

Marketing Forum July 27

As you will have seen, we’ll be hosting a free forum for members next week and we invite you to join us if you haven’t already booked your place. The Bb Marketing Forum is aimed at Marketing & Communications professionals working in the BID industry and, on July 27, we will be joined by Rob Manning from Jacob Bailey who will be presenting the forthcoming changes in data protection law. Rob will explain how and why BIDs need to prepare and adapt to these changes, and what and when it is required. All BIDs hold databases of the businesses which fund them but many will also hold ‘consumer’ data which they collect to promote offers, events and more. This session is crucial to ensure you plan and action the new data protection laws in time. Read Rob’s brief biography here.

We will also be joined by Kaye Walker from Jones Lang LaSalle who will be talking about the importance of establishing good relationships and collaborating with major assets within BIDs, mainly shopping centres. Kaye will be exploring how this can be achieved and how major assets should be engaged, accompanied with some good practice examples. Read Kaye’s brief biography here.

National BIDs Advisory Board meeting

A meeting of the NBAB took place yesterday, bringing together a group of representative BIDs [Hammersmith, New West End, Acocks Green, Southampton, Ealing, Southbank, and Manor Royal], the national levy payers [intu, Nationwide, and the British Retail Consortium], a representative of a local authority [St Albans], and the three membership bodies – ATCM, IPM and Bb. The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) received the papers. This was the first meeting with all three of the membership bodies who were able to come together and it was a very useful first gathering; the three of us agreed to develop terms of reference together over the next few months; in readiness for the next meeting in Birmingham in November.

Key discussions took place about the withdrawal of current government plans on Property Owner BIDs and how far we can press on this, the current position on business rate retention, and the possible revival of the DCLG review of BIDs that started in 2015 and now has potential to progress further.

The Board also noted the approval of Loan funding from DCLG for three developing BIDs. Bb is now investigating a model for a local authority loan fund which mirrors the scheme in place in a number of BIDs.

The Board also noted that Ipswich Central has achieved BID industry accreditation, awarded by an external auditing panel, independent from British BIDs. The Industry Criteria and Guidance notes for 2018 will be reviewed and refreshed by the Board this Autumn.

If other BIDs are interested in joining or attending the National Advisory board do please email me at

National BIDs conference

The Bb conference in Cambridge on October 19th is bringing together a great group of speakers, including Wayne Hemingway MBE and hosted by Ian Payne. A series of workshop sessions will also take place, allowing BIDs to choose ones that most benefit them. Members receive 25% off the delegate rate.

This year there will be a BID Chairs’ Breakfast taking place prior to the conference for Chairs who wish to attend. This commences at 8.30am. Please contact us to arrange a place.

The Certificate in BID Management (CiBM)

The CiBM continues with enthusiasm, with the second cohort of eleven students this year now working on their extended projects, covering topics such as crime reduction partnerships, Purple Flag, waste disposal BIDs and neo-liberalism.

The graduates of the two cohorts this year will receive their awards from Wayne Hemingway at our annual conference in Cambridge on October. We are now aiming to bring together the alumni of the past 5 years for an annual event, meeting the new cohort in spring 2018, and working to disseminate some of the valuable research these students have done.

BID Ballots

Congratulations to Halesowen and Merthyr Tydfil BIDs who were successful in their ballots. Halesowen are still awaiting their full result details. This month Queensferry, London Fitzrovia, Wednesbury, Segensworth (Industrial), Blackburn EDZ and Norwich are all going through their ballots.

National BID Survey

The 11th National BID survey is at the final stages, and Bb colleagues are now ringing round to remind BIDs how useful the survey is to both government and the levy payers. It was interesting to be reminded at the National Advisory Board by levy payers how much they use the National survey. Last year it was jointly produced by Bb and ATCM and we hope to continue with this. There are key questions in the survey about issues such as board diversity, baseline agreements, and LEP engagement, all of which either national levy players, the DCLG or the BID industry generally are very interested in.

The National BID Awards

Don’t forget to enter the National BID Awards too if you have not already done so. You can apply here by 31st August by sending your application to Winners will be announced at The National BIDs conference.

The London Sustainability Awards

Earlier this year Bb were invited to take a seat on the judging panel for the Innovation category of the London Sustainability Awards, and it was great to see that Airlabs won the category at the awards ceremony this month. One of their projects can be seen on Bird Street as part of the New West End project in London, and we hope to have them at our Bb conference in Cambridge.

Forthcoming Events & Courses

‘Governance & Responsibilities of a BID Board’ training course – 28th July 2017. FREE for members. For more info click here.

‘Developing & renewing a BID’ training course – 11th October 2017. For more info click here.

‘An introduction to BIDs’ training course – 12th October 2017. For more info click here.

Professor Christopher Turner, Chief Executive, British BIDs

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