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This time of the year is busy for BIDs and we currently have twelve in ballot – Coventry, King’s Heath, Kirkwall, Chelmsford, Oswestry, Northbank, Halebank & Astmoor, Beckenham, Penge, Wood Green, Manor Royal (Industrial) and Inverness. Five of these are developing BIDs which shows that the model is still being seen by businesses as a good solution to their local needs.

The new General Data Protection Regulations become effective on 25th May and we are working on a British BIDs policy document to ensure that we all identify the lawful basis for our information processing activity, document it and update our privacy notice to explain it. As you may well know there are six available lawful bases for processing information and most BIDs will use a number of these bases for the different data sets that we store. More information is here. If there are BIDs who feel they are well advanced on this or who need particular help, it would be useful to get in touch so we can share as much information as possible.

British BIDs is now working closely with the National Business Crime Centre and they are hosting a national conference of business, policing colleagues and key stakeholders on 12th March , bringing together Retailers, Business Crime Reduction Partnership, Town Centre Managers and Local Authorities with their local Police, to work more collaboratively in reducing violent crime and to discuss common challenges that affect the business community. Further details are here and we will clearly report back with further details.

Earlier this month the 2017 Best Bar None Best Scheme Awards were announced and celebrated in the House of Lords, hosted by Lord Smith. It was a splendid event, and made us aware that some BIDs are heavily involved in both Drinkaware and Best bar None and we will be doing more to forge stronger links.

British BIDs has appointed Drew Turner to join our team, and he will be in touch with all of you over time. He has almost 10 years in account management and customer relations. His main focus is promoting courses and membership requests. Drew is a huge football fan, enjoys going to the gym and socialising with friends & family. Feel free to email him here.

The Bristol Professional Development day on 19th April is progressing well, and we have an action-packed day for everyone. Sign up here or speak to Drew and Mel for more details.

British BIDs Accreditation is a key measure of Business Improvement District quality, and the national levy payers in particular make mention of it in the recently published National BID Criteria. Orpington, Watford, Sidcup, Milton Keynes and Wolverhampton BIDs are all in the process of going through Bb accreditation over the coming months and we clearly wish them well. If you have an interest in British BIDs accreditation do please contact Mel.

We welcome some new members this month; Carmarthen Business Improvement District, Bournemouth Town Centre Business Improvement District, Salisbury Business Improvement District and Suffolk Coastal District Council. We look forward to seeing them at future meetings.

Professor Christopher Turner, Chief Executive, British BIDs


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