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August 2017

National perspectives

The National BID survey is now being written up, following the data collection exercise which finished last week. Already it is clear that there is a continuing growth in the numbers of BIDs, with 309 in existence, of whom 26 are still at the development stage. Thus we have 283 active BIDs at present.

What is most interesting is the growing number of different new models for the types of BIDs; thus, we have a Food and Drink BID, a Flood Defence BID, an increasing number of tourism BIDs and a new Area BID covering North Nottinghamshire. There is also a developing BID covering canals. These are all examples of businesses responding to changing circumstances.

The full survey will be a Conference presentation and made available at the Bb National BID conference in Cambridge on October 19.

Ballots in the past 12 months 

From these early stages of the National BID survey we can see that during the past twelve months 54 ballots have brought 25 new BIDs into existence, and 29 have continued to their second or third terms. We are thus now averaging a BID ballot each week.

Ballot outcomes this month

Wednesbury and Gloucester were both successful in their ballots as new BIDs. We can congratulate Norwich BID, Segensworth Industrial BID, London Fitzrovia and Blackburn EDZ who were successful in their ballots to continue their operations.

Sadly and unfortunately Queensferry BID was unsuccessful, joining two others who have failed at ballot this year.

Bb members

BIDs across the United Kingdom continue to join the Bb membership community, and this month we welcome North Nottinghamshire, Destination Bristol, Lowestoft Vision BID, Sheldon, Wandsworth BID and Newcastle Under-Lyme BID as Bb members.

Business plan reviews – a new Bb service to members

We are pleased to announce a new benefit to Bb members this month. As you know we publish the Industry Criteria and Guidance each year, working with the major national levy payers to identify their key criteria for supporting a BID at the ballot stage.

Most Bb members use these criteria in drawing up their Business Plans but we are now able to offer a more sophisticated response whereby we can comment on a draft business plan to ensure it meets the Criteria and Guidelines, and signal if elements have been omitted from the document. We can return this in note form as an email, and we will require two weeks to review each plan.

It is clearly up to a BID Board or Steering Group to follow any of the suggestions and time should be allowed for any comments made to be integrated by the Board.

If members would like to make use of this service they will need to send a draft of their Business plan to in the first instance, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. There are likely to be over 60 plans for us to review each year so if you can book your review time in advance this will guarantee a timely review for you.

Marketing Forum

We hosted an exclusive free marketing forum for our members last month. The first part of the session was led by Rob Manning at Jacob Bailey who focused on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how BIDs can prepare for the forthcoming changes. Our members took away lots of tips and advice so if you were unable to attend the forum, please make sure you research and understand the new GDPR laws as they must be adhered to from May 2018. The next part of the session was led by Brent Stojanovic at Jones Lang LaSalle who concentrated on the importance of establishing good relationships within BIDs. Brent opened up many areas for discussion and it was great to see BIDs exchanging their views on how major assets should be engaged. Based on positive feedback from the event, we are pleased to let you know that we will be hosting another marketing forum early next year for members. We will be sharing details of this with you shortly.

Good governance and transparency in BIDs – new training course 

We launched a new training course for members last month which explored the good governance arrangements and quality management systems that need to be in place for BIDs to achieve the very highest standards. Board members, particularly BID Chairs, need to be fully aware of their corporate and legal responsibilities, as well as compliance with the particular Regulations in governing BIDs. Places for this course were sold out and due to its popularity and feedback, we will be hosting this course again early next year in line with the updated Industry Criteria & Guidance notes.

Annual BID Awards

The National BID awards applications are growing. We have extended the deadline to 31st August 2017 as we have been contacted by some BIDs with last minute submissions and we do not want to exclude anyone if we can help it. The shortlisting process will take place in early September, followed by social media involvement and support and then the final judging process, which will be carried out by a panel of the National BIDs Advisory Board in early October. There are four awards, for Place Management and Place Marketing in both large and small locations. Past winners can be seen here and it is great to see innovative and exciting projects being celebrated. The awards will be announced at Cambridge in October.

The Bb conference

The National BIDs conference in Cambridge on October 19th continues to bring together a great group of speakers, led by Wayne Hemingway, followed by some key speakers and then a series of masterclasses you can chose that most benefit you. Click here to see the full lineup of speakers. These themed masterclasses will include discussion around the changes in data law, marketing, customer experience, BID renewal best practice, BID development, web portals, customer feedback, hot-desking provision, intelligent high streets, and much more. Members of course receive 25% off.

This year there will be a BID Chairs’ Breakfast taking place prior to the conference for Chairs who wish to attend. We already have some excellent chairs taking part so do please contact us to arrange a place.

Forthcoming Events & Courses

‘Developing & renewing a BID’ training course – 11th October 2017. For more info click here.

‘An introduction to BIDs’ training course – 12th October 2017. For more info click here.

National BIDs conference- 19th October 2017. For more info click here.

Professor Christopher Turner, Chief Executive, British BIDs

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