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Evidence Files for ACCREDITATION


  • Operating Agreement (must be signed)
  • Baseline Agreements
  • Memorandum and Articles
  • Terms of Reference for Board and any other working groups
  • List of Board members and the businesses/organisations they represent
  • Current business plan

Management and Operations

  • Staff structure chart (if available or explanation of staffing hierarchy)
  • Example job description (confidential details can be removed)Memorandum and Articles
  • Example staff contract (confidential details can be removed)
  • Staff handbook
  • Staff appraisal template
  • Example of a third party contract (confidential details can be removed)
  • Procurement policy/financial arrangements
  • Copies of all insurance certificates


  • Breakdown of management and overhead costs (rather than the summary that usually appears in the business plan)
  • Annual BID levy letter (that goes out with BID bills) or another communication that demonstrates the BID is communicating with levy payer on what they are delivering
  • Confirmation of VAT number

Performance Management

  • Documentation on project objectives, targets, KPI’s
  • Example of a levy payers’ survey

Communications and Reporting

  • Example of levy payers’ communication e.g. newsletter
  • BID Marketing and Communications Plan/Strategy (for levy payers and consumers)
  • Evidence of an open event for levy payers – invite to AGM or other
  • Evidence of what return on investment the BID has achieved for levy payers (possibly from results of levy payers’ survey or testimonials) – i.e. cost savings, increased sales, less stock loss

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