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For many years there have been suggestions that a strong, single representative body for the BID industry would be preferable and allow all BIDs to work together and speak with ‘one voice’.

In recent months, considerable time has been taken to hear from a wide cross-section of BIDs, stakeholders and associated organisations about what would be the best outcome for the industry moving forwards. The strongest recurring theme has been a renewed desire for a unified body to represent BIDs.

Although this has not been possible in the past, the ATCM and British BIDs have both recognised that, as a new but maturing and small but growing industry, the time is now right to renew efforts to provide this unified voice.

Therefore, over recent weeks, discussions have been taking place and we are now able to announce that the basis of an agreement has been reached that will meet these demands. The result will be for the ATCM to become the single, member-owned, BID representative organisation with products and member services available to the whole industry through the resulting broadened network. This will provide all developing and established BIDs across the entire UK with support and information, together with a more powerful voice at national policy level.

To bring the existing work and the membership of any two organisations together naturally takes some time and there is still a great deal of work to be done over the coming months to ensure a smooth transition. However, of most importance at this stage is that full agreement is now in place and processes have begun. An early sign of this is The Nationwide BID Survey 2016 which, for the first time in its 10 year history, will be conducted jointly by British BIDs and the ATCM, collaborating on behalf of the whole industry and all stakeholders.

Paul Clement, Director of British BIDs commented: “I am really pleased that the time taken over the past few months to hear from BIDs and key partners has resulted in us being able to make a joint announcement with the ATCM about a unified voice for BIDs going forward. The details are all being worked through but both organisations were keen to update you on this significant and progressive development as soon as we were in a position to do so.”

The feedback and constructive guidance received from so many within the BID industry as to how to strengthen representation and support for all has been heartening. We will keep in touch and update as frequently as possible as matters progresses.

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